Oh, yeah...I'm a Mom.

Its been two years since I wrote that first blog post. I found out that I was, unexpectedly, pregnant and went through a few months of shock, anger, depression and major anxiety. I was so not ready to become a mom and then my world completely changed. That first ultrasound was freaking magical and after that I just enjoyed being pregnant.

Once he we was born, I gave myself until my doctor gave me my sign off and went full force. It wasn't the greatest idea but I did it. I jumped back into work and breastfeeding literally while choreographing and teaching dance to kids. It was great and tiring and ridiculous and fun.

Then a global pandemic happened. Who would have thought? Apparently, some people but that's a conspiracy theory we won't get into right now. It was a really scary time but I had to see the silver lining and the fact that I got to spend more time with my son.

He is beautiful and magical but it will still hit me like a wave when I least expect it...

I'm a mom!

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