I Launched My Production Company!

I always thought I could only start a production company when I was making millions of dollars and had already accepted my first Academy Award, not broke during a pandemic with a new baby but screw it...let's do it!

The Actor Mommy podcast is now live on Spotify, Anchor FM and anywhere else you can listen to podcasts. I wanted to talk to moms in the industry about how they do what they do when we aren't Beyonce (but still have those Beyonce dreams) and don't have a full staff to take care of them while we accomplish our goals.

I have had the opportunity to talk to some amazing moms and listen to their inspiring stories about their career and personal goals.

Our website has officially launched as well as our Youtube channel. I hope you will check it out!

Actor Mommy is going to focus on producing content and creating resources for actor moms by actor moms.

As well as creating our own content for film and tv, we are also going to focus on producing dance concept films and setting choreography for musicals and dance teams.

Stay tuned!

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