Hello...its me.

Welcome to my blog and website, which has taken me far too long to put up. I am a native Houstonian living in Atlanta with my adorable husband. This is our second year living in the (insert Atlanta nickname here) city. I like it better than I thought but as a girl who grew up in the south, I am ready to get out. Though I am reminded I grew up in Texas which according to the "South" is not the south so I am very confused.

The first year, we lived here was a rollercoaster. New state, new apartment, new job for my husband and no jobs for me while being away from my family and friends. I went from not being booked and doing DoorDash to getting regularly booked by Steinmart for catalog modeling, booking shows and choreography jobs.

Over the summer that changed. With our wedding coming up, I started taking more teaching jobs to pay for it and again began the fun journey of not booking gigs. For the school year, I signed on to teach at five different studios thinking it would not change how much I was booking or performing and I was very wrong.

I have booked one job in the last six months. Had a few great auditions that resulted in nothing; and a number of horrible auditions that made me question everything about my technique, amidst crying over a glass of wine or sushi.

This lead to a long conversation about getting back to my career...the artist lifestyle, if you will, with my incredibly, supportive husband. He was all for it and then Christmas happened.

After falling asleep in a dinner chair in the middle of the living room, I should have known something was up. Two days later, I jolted awake with a knowing thought, "I'm late."

3 minutes later..."O, shit."

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